Gekkoukan High

Chapter #1
Enter Kitoshi!


Approx. September 14-17th, 2009 (in game)


Participating Characters:

Kitoshi Hakinowa


Major NPCs:

Ranka Abarai

Kotetsu Abarai

Junpei Tsubeko



-Kitoshi meets Ranka on his way to his first day of school, protects her from bullies

-Kitoshi meets Junpei with Ranka and is challenged to fight him after school.

-Kitoshi arrives in class, mistakes Kotetsu for Ranka (they are identical twins).

-Kitoshi has a conversation with Kotetsu about Ranka, Kotetsu is mistaken for Ranka by Junpei

-School ends, and Kitoshi waits 4 hours for Junpei to show up for their duel (very directionally challenged)

-Kitoshi defeats Junpei (barely) and carries him to his grandfather's dojo, his grandfather patches up Junpei

-Junpei hobbles home, using his bokutou for support

-A couple of days pass, general school life


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