Roleplaying Guidelines

1. This game is an anime action/comedy game.  The world is a fictionalized Japan.  Weird stuff with happen as such.  Deal with it and don't chastise the GM for it!

2. This is anime!  As it is, your character WILL NOT act like a normal person.  Player's will not get along all the time, and when it does, all hell should break loose!  Kicking someone flying into the air is not unheard of!

3.  Emotions are also a lot more wild!  Nosebleeds from sexual situations, explosive anger, and rivers of tears are all possible, and common!  The GM will be doing his best to roleplay the NPCs, so if you can't roleplay these yourself, just go along with what he's doing at least.

4.  BIGGEST RULE!  As long as you are roleplay seriously (or as serious as the in-game situation allows), you should not be humiliated!  This is a game, so just do what's fun for you and the rest of the group.

Roleplaying Guidelines

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